Frequently Asked Questions

Are flights included?

No. You will need to purchase your own return ticket to Canada. There also maybe some internal travel costs within Canada in order to get to where you need to be.

Do I need travel insurance?

Yes, you will not be allowed into Canada unless you have proof of travel insurance that will cover you for your entire stay. This is normal, health care is not free in that part of the world and if you get hurt without insurance you will be landed with a considerable hospital bill. We suggest using World Nomads Travel, for more information refer to the travel insurance section on this site.

What criteria do I need to meet to obtain a Canadian Work Permit?

Basic run down: Between the ages of 18-35, no criminal record and not held a Canadian WHP visa before. More in depth details can be found on the “New Zealand High Commission of Canada”. Google: “working holiday program – international experience Canada New Zealand”. Then click on “Working Holiday” in the left hand column. Here you will find all the detail you need.

Room and Board

Room and board is provided on all placements unless we state otherwise. In most cases they are included. In some cases employers deduct a small amount from your pay to cover the room and board. We will let you know what category you fall into when we give you your final placement.

Do I get paid?

Yes. All of our employers provide at least minimum wage. Each employer is different; any raises above the minimum once you have started to work are in your hands. You will be treated as a normal Canadian employee so your remuneration will be handled as per the Canadian employment criteria and you can be fired or given a raise just like everyone else.

Payment Structure – how does it work?

The standard payment plan for the program is broken down into three parts – Registration, Deposit and Final payment. We have provided a copy of the standard payment structure here but remember that if you require time to earn money during the holidays or simply need more time then please contact us about setting up a payment plan that works for you.

We are sympathetic to those of you who are currently studying and might need some time to generate some capital during the holidays. Apply for the program – if you’re accepted and need more time to earn the money simply let us know what works for you. Remember that the bellow payment structure is just the standard template or starting point from which to work from.

UOE payment structure

What are the placements like?

Placements vary over the whole program. Some are less extreme than others, some are more remote than others. One constant is that all placements are and require hard work. This program is not for you if you are not prepared to work very hard in what are often demanding situations.

As a general rule Equine based placements tend to be the least isolated opportunity with hunting placements often being the most isolated.

A mature and positive attitude and outstanding work ethic are required. Ultimate OE offers paid working holidays, so in return for your income you are expected to work.

That said; the work situations are new and exciting and to our graduates it rarely feels like work. We specialize in providing jobs that are so different and aesthetically attractive to our graduates the motivation of experiencing new and exciting things should overshadow the work aspect.

The days are long and you will be working hard, we can promise you that, but all of that contributes to your overall learning and experience while you are in Canada.

What happens once I arrive in Canada?

Ultimate OE will provide you with the information, maps and knowledge you need for your arrival in Vancouver. We will organize discounted accommodation in the heart of Vancouver. Here you will complete the necessary steps to acquire your paperwork to work, open bank accounts and book any onward travel required. You may need to fly or bus from Vancouver to your first placement, depending on where it is but Ultimate OE will be there to make this a seamless transition. Ultimate OE will be available for any kind of support needed in Canada – we have a representative that lives there full time.

The details and logistics of this will be organized with each individual at the training course before graduates travel to Canada. It is important to remember that due to the custom nature of our program every situation is slightly different and we work everything out with each graduate as the landscape of his or her personal Ultimate OE takes shape. If for any reason applicants require special assistance on arrival in Canada please contact Ultimate OE and we will work to facilitate you.

You will need to cover the cost of internal transport and will be responsible for getting yourself to your next placement(s) after that.

An Ultimate OE representative will be available via phone during your stay to help you with any issues that may arise. This is also true for family members back in NZ if they need to contact graduates who may be in isolated situations in Canada.

How do I get my Working Holiday Visa?

Once you have been accepted into the program and paid your deposit we will begin the process to obtain your working holiday Visa. As part all Ultimate OE standard packages we include a professional visa service. This gives you access to your own personal visa facilitator available on a 0800 number for support and advice. They will make the process as simple, fast, stress free and streamlined as possible. These can take up to 8 weeks and the earliest you can apply is your 18th birthday – this may affect how early you can travel to Canada.

When do I find out where I am going?

Placements will be finalized at the end of the training course. Here you will receive all the details you need.

If you want to book flights before the end of the training we can provide you with an approximate travel date – but precise dates will not be available until you have made final arraignments with your employer in Canada. There is often still time to book flights at this point – if you have any questions just flick us an email.

How do you decide who goes where?

We try to place the best graduate with the best possible employer based on a number of different factors. We know what our employers want in terms of employees.

During the application, interview and training process we will be assessing our applicants in order to place them in the most suitable situation possible. Some factors we take into account are: maturity level, horse riding ability, people skills, ability to deal with isolation, hunting ability, whether applicants are looking for a permanent annual position or a one off “Gap Year” experience and finally any additional skills applicants bring to the table.

What if I do not “graduate” the course?

Because of the nature of the work placements we offer we reserve the right to refuse applicants a job placement if they do not graduate from the course.

It would be irresponsible to place any individual who is “unsuitable” into a potentially hazardous environment where they could hurt themselves or others. This is especially true with our more remote placements.

In any case where Ultimate OE refuses a job placement the applicant would be refunded up to the cost incurred by Ultimate OE at that point and time.

This clause in our agreement is not there to rip people off. It is there so that we are not forced to send people who are potentially dangerous or unable to deal with the responsibility and hazards of remote and demanding work placement.