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Ultimate OE is a New Zealand based company that specializes in placing young Kiwis in outdoor-based industry jobs all over Canada. Our applicants graduate from a rigorous, industry-specific training course at home before we partner them with a trusted Canadian employer.

Our program produces skilled graduates which in turn allows us to place the graduates in the most exciting and distinguished companies within the outdoor industry. We place graduates in all types of outdoor-based industries including hunting, ranching, and agriculture.

Although our graduates have a strong background in agriculture, the outdoors or hunting, they are not limited to these fields. The graduates are primarily motivated by experience and are seeking an element of adventure and physical contribution within a work environment.

We offer both Gap Year experiences as well as employment placements that can lead to future opportunities.

How it works

Ultimate OE builds relationships with trusted employers all over Canada. We consistently provide quality employees to businesses that require skilled labour on a seasonal basis.

Ultimate OE builds a profile of each business’ employee requirements and matches the best possible graduate with the most suitable employer.

Our graduates are suited to positions such as wranglers, assistant guides, trail guides or general hands depending on the nature of the work and specific situation. We have a range of employees; some are looking for work for a single season, while others are looking to return annually.

Can New Zealanders legally work in Canada?

Yes, it is legal. All Ultimate OE graduates will have a valid work permit that allows them to work anywhere in Canada. They will have a social insurance number, current health insurance and should be treated like a regular Canadian employee.

What does it cost hire an Ultimate OE graduate?

It’s free! There is no charge; however, we ask that individuals employed under the program enjoy a positive experience. They must be treated fairly and receive a fair wage with room and board for the duration of their employment.

Why Ultimate OE graduates make great employees:

Before Ultimate OE graduates leave New Zealand they must complete a training course specific to the nature of work they wish to undertake in Canada. We teach a vast array of skills specific to each applicant’s desired industry; operating chainsaws and wilderness specific first aid, head skinning, camp cooking, western horse riding disciplines and so much more. Along with applied skills we also teach the theories and ideas behind each specific industry.

Ultimate OE graduates are motivated by experience and learning. The aesthetic appeal of jobs in the Canadian wilderness motivates them to join the program. In a time when the monetary draw of the oil and gas industries lure so many young Canadians away from this type of work, Ultimate OE aims to provide a quality labour replacement for the outdoor industries of Canada.

Ultimate OE limits entry into its programs in New Zealand. Spots are reserved for the highest quality applicants who prove themselves through a rigorous application process and related references.

The right attitude for business

We believe in the integrity of a handshake, a hard day’s work, a good sense of humor and above all else honesty.

Both Kuran and Matt understand what it takes to work in the outfitting and outdoor industries through an extensive range of personal experiences. This great work ethic and pride is instilled in all our graduates.

Kuran and Matt pride themselves on being approachable and easy to deal with, if you have any questions about Ultimate OE please do not hesitate to get in touch.


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Jono Grotors

Professional Hunting Guide New Zealand/Alaska

Experience: Hunting

“I have known the guys at Ultimate OE for many years. They are opening doors for young kiwis that were previously very difficult to open. When I started in the hunting industry it took years for us to get into the kind of job opportunities Ultimate OE can offer their graduates.”

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