What Is Ultimate OE?


Ultimate OE is a New Zealand based company that specializes in placing young Kiwis in outdoor-based industry jobs all over Canada. Our applicants graduate from a rigorous, industry-specific training course at home before we partner them with a trusted Canadian employer. Our program produces skilled graduates which in turn allows us to place the graduates in the most exciting and distinguished companies within the outdoor industry. We place graduates in all types of outdoor-based industries including hunting, ranching, guest ranching and agriculture. We offer both Gap Year experiences as well as employment placements that can lead to future opportunities.

The Company


We are dedicated to providing a safe and easy pathway for our outdoor enthusiasts to travel and work in Canada.  We love that New Zealanders have a reputation of being hard, good humored and honest workers and we intend to keep it that way.



We believe in honesty, hard work, dedication and most importantly fun! The experiences we have in life shape who we are and who we become.  Our graduates have invaluable experiences not only in the outdoors, but while traveling and meeting new people as well.  We create a solid stepping-stone for any young person’s life. Whether you are looking for a future career in the outdoors, or simply want to enjoy your gap year, Ultimate OE is an experience you will take with you for the rest of your life.

About Us


Kuran Ireland Matthew Gibson

Kuran Ireland

Alexandra, New Zealand

Matthew Gibson

British Columbia, Canada

Kuran has been hunting his whole life. He has worked internationally as a wrangler in North America as well as a guide and a park ranger in Scotland. Kuran has also been on several hunting excursions in many different countries all over the world. He displays a passion and enthusiasm for the industry that is seen only in those who belong in the mountains. After his time studying marketing at Otago University; Kuran has juggled his passion for the outdoors with what he calls his “real job”. Like many Kiwis, although he has no regrets, he often wishes he had taken more time to pursue outdoor opportunities and follow his dreams earlier in life. With Ultimate OE he has found a way to continue doing what he loves while helping young Kiwis follow their own dreams. Kuran currently resides in Alexandra as Ultimate OE’s New Zealand based representative. He travels as much as he can to Canada to touch base with Canadian employers and spends some much-needed time in the mountains.His message is simple; enjoy life, make the most out of your experiences, work hard and follow your dreams! Matthew graduated from Otago University with a degree in Zoology in 2006 and has been on the road since. He got a start in the international hunting industry and opened every door he could. Matthew has been lucky enough to get a impressively large number of experiences in a relatively short period of time. He has guided professionally and wrangled all over North America. During a 5-year period as a professional hunting cameraman, Matthew traveled and hunted in over 35 countries. Spending on average of 280 days a year on the road he has acquired a vast arsenal of knowledge and experience that make him an asset both as a teaching resource and a mentor to other adventurous young kiwis. He believes that real life experiences go hand and hand with formal education to enhance and complete the full picture. Ultimate OE enables him to provide a safe, accessible and reliable platform from which young Kiwis can make the most of the opportunities he was fortunate enough to encounter. Matthew currently lives in Vancouver and is Ultimate OE’s full time representative in Canada. He makes it back to New Zealand a couple of times a year to instruct in the Ultimate OE training courses and to visit family, hunt, fish and dive as much as he can.He urges young Kiwis to fly New Zealand’s flag with pride, work hard, and absorb the vast amounts of knowledge the world has to offer.